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A view from inside?
Time comes to rest
In memory of Pat Morita 1932 - 2005

Origianlly aired: Thursday, December 1, 2005

oh, I gotcha, just give me a page, or call me on my cell,
when you gotta sec.
Help is on the way Mr. Number Two.
-Captain Nobody

... And now a word from this guy...
Hey get-a-long gang, just wanted to thank everyone for stopping
buy, it really means a-lot to me, "We" have surpassed 2000
hits (which may seem like a small number, but to
me... its huge), I couldn't have done it without you! I
would also like to thank our new sponsor,,
without them, who knows what color this comic would be.

Coming up---->>>> Well, I have planned a tutorial in google,
and also plan on working out the idea of WebComic
Commerce, so please stay tuned. Oh yeah, speaking
of that... is coming down the
pipe, gotta couple more details to iron out, with Mr.
Lusagi, but, It should be unvailed by the beggining of
the year, its a resolution of mine. Wow, ok, so I am
going to go pull into my driveway, thanks again, and... Oh
yeah, Thank you Your Own Reflection, for the Modest Mouse
Poster, I hope you like how I used it.

Jeremy Tramell